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Acton Estate, Sri Lanka
New Build

This was an untouched location with a mountainous view on a sloped site in the town of Bandarawela which is in the hill country of Sri Lanka. The client wanted a simply designed holiday home with 4 bedroom-suites. The slope of the site dictated the design of the house. Floor layouts were 'upside down', as the vehicular entrance being at a higher level, enabled living spaces on the upper level in order to maximise the best views. The sleeping accommodation and informal lounge were tucked underground to the one side, with spectacular views to the other. The main feature was a 4-metre wide picture opening on the upper level. A terraced garden with ponds and mature trees surrounds this abode. A caretakers quarters, with accommodation facilities for a cook and a driver have also been designed to compliment and serve the holiday house.

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