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Plot A
Plot D1
Spies Lane, B62
New build

Currently submitted for planning permission, the proposed scheme is for the demolition of an existing dated bungalow and private development of 3 new bungalows and a Flat-Over-Garages, with over 250% parking provision which includes visitor spaces. 
The layout and individual units required tailored solutions to address the specific opportunities and constraints of the proposed site - made up of an existing plot and piece of wasteland (that had once been a community type allotment) surrounded by a mixed style of existing housing. 

The units were designed with bespoke fenestration by which views out were to be controlled while natural light was to be permitted into the spaces (ie. Dormer windows to Units 1a & 1b which have clear glazing only on their triangular sides, and Unit 2 which has slanted Oriel windows with clear glazing in one direction), in order to respect privacy. On-going problems with intruders resulted in security concerns which will naturally be bolstered by the habitable units, an upgraded boundary to all exposed areas and good lighting.

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