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Weymoor Road, B17 - Project 1b
New Build

A small detached garden studio cleverly detailed to comply with 'permitted development' by limiting the design to a specified height and area, but without highlighting either. The focus instead is on minimalist aesthetics with large panels of external glazing, black timber, black corrugated cement boards, white reflective internal finishes and a polished cement floor. The simple layout permits a worktop for three workstations, hub for printers, storage, tea-point etc., discreet washroom and externally accessible store. It is built above a fully insulated concrete raft slab which acts as a thermal mass to regulate the internal temperature. Using glazed panels, natural light is maximised & the level access to the terrace emphasised. A light wood horizontal louver structure to the south-facing frontage is incorporated to reduce glare when raised in the fashion of cantilevered pergolas.

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