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EVENT - 'ASK an Architect'

Spring 2024, Harborne

Date, Time & Location to be confirmed shortly.

Whether you are considering a New Build, are unsure about a potential housing scheme, have a problem on site, need a second opinion, or thinking of Extending your property (whatever its type or size) then Gruhe Architects can assist you.


Having participated in several similar Design Surgery sessions through the RIBA, Gruhe Architects are organising 2 sessions of pre-booked appointments that are free and will last approximately 30 minutes each. If this is of interest to you, then please watch this space for more information.


Please note – Any advice / sketches will be based on the information you give us, so it is in your best interests to ensure that the information provided is as accurate and as detailed as possible. Photographs, floor plans, inspirational images etc. will help us understand your requirements better. 

For further details please contact Gruhe Architects.


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